Beautiful Feet


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Have you ever gazed upon such beautiful feet?  Feet that are sore and crusty, toes curved and bruised, nails blackened and chipped, soles blistered, bloodied and aching.  Bare, walking on the straight path, dusty with the sand and rock of the holy ground on which they stood.  Feet in need of rest, but facing the rising Son of the new day, and still up for the starry display of grace in the midnight hours.  Feet that no longer stumble in darkness but seek to be lit by the lamp of the Word.  Feet that feared only the prospect of not doing what God commanded.  Feet that would not be turned around but sought unseen lands.  Feet that not only felt the green pastures and the cooling water of God’s salvation, but also the heat and fire of Earth’s evil, destruction, and persecution.   Feet that moved with purpose, pressing for the higher calling of Christ.  Feet shod with the Preparation, carrying that good news to the ends of the Earth.  How beautiful are the feet of those that preach the Gospel of Peace.


Lord, I pray You prepare the feet of Your people for this race.  And I pray you bless the feet of those out on the battlefield of Glory.  May Your name be lifted up high and spread to the ends of the earth!   May all bow before the God of all the Earth and the True Risen King!

In Jesus Name,




     Have you ever just sat and watched the clouds?  I’m not talking about you just so happen to glance up on your way to your car, or looking out of the window.  I’m talking about seriously just sat and watched them for a while.  What happens?  Personally, I drift away every time.  Where? I cannot even tell you.  I find myself in dream land thinking about everything! From love, happiness, and peace to  future jobs, dream houses and dream husbands.  My mind has taken me so many places, that I cannot begin to tell you. 

I also think about my existence… 

The sky in itself is so powerful to me because of its grandeur.  The same sky that I am looking at is the same sky that covers people in Africa, India, China and Alaska.  Nobody but God is responsible for this.  How can I not believe He is the creator of all when the evidence is there each and every morning, noon and night?  You just can’t.   It also keeps me grounded by letting me know that I can do nothing without God.  There is so much that happens under this firmament of a sky that it is so easy to become lost, confused, dazed, misguided, misinformed, and forgotten.  I need the guidance of the Savior who knows all, sees all and understands all.   What comfort there is in knowing that God is watching over us and there to protect us, and lift us up when the world has beaten us down?  So this is more of a reason to praise and honor Him in His Grandeur and Majesty.  It is more of a reason to stay humble in all our doings, as well as our successes and achievements.  Nothing is bigger than God, not even the sky.

Think about it…

Love Presh