Always Faithful

Image from Mike Messerli, sunrise post on Finishing Well blog (

Warm rays of sunshine break through the shades on the windows, pulling at my eye lashes for me to open my eyes and embrace the morning glory.  Joy fills my heart as I take that first breath of the new day, the mercy breath.  Arms reach high above my head as I stretch the limbs He has strengthened.  It is a beautiful way to start each day in peace and harmony, alone with the master.  God is Faithful.

The pitter patter of rain on my window, the room is still dark.  The sunshine is nowhere around.  As I struggle to get out of bed the energy is draining from me and the pull against gravity evokes struggle.  My eyes force themselves open to show red eyes over deep bags of weariness.  I rush against time at a slow pace.  Aches and pain travel up and down my spine.  But I must keep going.  God is Faithful.

Snow and Ice cover the paths before me.  When I step forward I slip and slide only to fall flat on my face.  Cold, bitter cold.  No warmth in this icy, dry place.  Gray skies, white barren land.  No fruit. But there is Hope.  God is Faithful.

Whether you are facing the wind, rain, sleet, snow, ice, earthquakes, floods, fire, pain, sorrow, sadness, or discontentment,  KNOW that God is Faithful and seasons always change.  Joy, peace and happiness can only be found in Christ.  Keep Your Heads Up, Our God Is In The Heavens!

Be blessed,

Love Presh