Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

I am Presh and I am a 20something student who wants to share my experiences and thought processes with anyone who wants to hear.

I want to start off giving you my personal testimony.

My name is Precious Crittenden.  I was born the sixth child of eight, the first daughter to my parents, and the namesake of my grandmother.  All of my life, I have been in the Church.  As a little baby my parents presented me before the church and our pastor prayed over me that my life would be dedicated to Christ.  Seven years later I was immersed in water in Jesus’ Name, baptized for the remission of my sins and at age 12, I received the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in other tongues.  Ever since, I have been seeking a life of righteousness, aiming to please the Father.

Along the way, I had issues with fitting in, making friends, keeping friends, and feelings of loneliness.  I’ve had bouts with lust, wanting to feel loved, and low self-esteem.  I’ve been betrayed, left out, ignored, and talked about.  I’ve been through seasons of joy and seasons of sorrow.  Seasons of contentment, and seasons of depression.  I’ve had moments of achievement, and moments of failure.  I’ve been pushed around, taken advantage of, taken for granted BUT I’ve also been loved, supported, cared for and cherished. Despite the ups and downs that life has brought me, God has been that constant foundation that I stand on.  I have been Blessed, and I cannot complain.  

 So here I am, no longer trying to fight who God has made me to be, no longer ashamed of the circumstances; accepting myself and the path that has been laid before me.  Here I am, letting life unwind and letting the Lord guide me.  I hope that one day, I will be able to live a happy and comfortable lifestyle.  Happy with who I am, what I’ve accomplished, and most importantly Happy with Jesus.  Sure you might say that Happiness is objective, or indefinite.  Personally the way I view happiness, is being completely content, without a need, joyous in the midst of all circumstances, and moving through life with no fear or worries.  Having what I need and not seeking what I don’t need.

 Why I started this blog

The goal of this blog is threefold.  The first goal is to encourage people to be themselves and learn to be comfortable with who God created them to be.  It took me a while to be comfortable with myself.  I was always shy, or self conscious about certain things.  I also felt as though the life of a Christian was one that was always looked down upon.  I always tried to compromise to make other people happy with me.  In the end, I always over exerted myself and found myself doing things that I really didn’t want to do, I was unhappy.  The second goal is to guide people to finding their true purpose in life through various means, to help them grow and become spiritually mature, happy individuals, able to enjoy their lives.  The third and final goal is to share things that I find truly inspirational, amazing, interesting and fun; highlighting people, places and things that give our lives definition.



Age? 21

Hometown?  St. Louis, Missouri

Favorite Color?  Orange

Favorite Food?  Chicken

Favorite Songs?

Don’t have a favorite, love any type of inspirational, gospel, Christian hip hop, jazz, or classical music.

Natural or Relaxed?

I am natural. I transitioned my senior year in high school and big chopped my freshman year in college.  Still trying to figure things out and loving the process.

Career Interest?

 Strongly interested in Public Health.  Want to do something that will combine health care, community outreach, ministry, education, and writing.

Other Interests?

Playing the violin, reading, blogging, fashion, crafts, drawing, teaching, sports, fitness, nutrition, natural hair.



Thanks for stopping by,

Love Presh


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